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25 years of Imperial

05.02.2018 r.

This year Imperial celebrates 25th anniversary!

Technology is a complex concept, it includes various areas of science and art. Imperial is combining those aspects since 1993 and the outcome of our hard work are a state-of-the-art products. We are very excited to be a distinctive European manufacturer of lighting and technology products. Our uniqueness is about outstanding experience in compromising latest technology and production agility. Every aspect of the process, form the design, engineering through production and assembly is handled in-house. Close control over the processes enables us to promote what Imperial is best at: superior quality, leading in time-to-market development and being unequalled company for the customized solutions. Our continuous commitment in striving for perfection and being close to the market makes our products always meeting requirements of architects and lighting designers. Outcomes of our support at the great projects and productions makes our work rewarding. The more challenging project the more happy we are.

We R happy to be famous for custom products.

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